Alpha Polymer Corp. is A Technology Advancement & Professional Company

Alpha Polymer is the Exports/Imports, Overseas Operations Division of several Engineering Polymers Reprocessing and Reclamation companies in United States and Canada, as well as our oversea recycling partners since 1983.

Engineering Polymers Processing facilities, Automotive polymers. Engineered polymers, Polyolefins polymers, molders recycling partnership programs please contact us, Write to us with details., or Contact anyone listed below


Alpha Polymer Corp. Alpha-General & Recycling Corp.

(Offices & HQ, Processing facility Locations Please contact our offices accordingly)

East Coast USA Regional Head Office:- Westchester Ave. White Plains, New York, USA

Mid-West Facilities:- Livonia, MI, 48152, Troy, MI, Sterling Heights, Westland, MI, Cleveland, Toledo Ohio, NJ, NY, CT, SC, KY, KS, MO, TN, AL, GA, S.C., U.S.A.

Corporate Accounting & Documentations / Laboratory:-New Haven, CT, 06515, U.S.A. .

Stamford, CT & White Plains, NY Regional.

Europe, South America Operations:-UK, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Central & South America

-Pelletizing plants, facilities, Processing facilities & Distribution facilities in Hong Kong, China.



Telephone:    1-914-712-8832, New York facilities & HQ Office

Detroit, Michigan plants & facilities & Offices

1-914-712-8832, White Plains, New York Regional Offices

Midwest Automotive Processing facilities: 980-1000 Manufacturer, Westland, MI  48186, USA

Toledo, OH; Cincinnati, OH, St. Louis, MO, Louisville, KY, Memphis, TN,

Midwest Fiber/Fabric Processing Facilities: Savannah, Dalton, GA; Charleston, SC,



U.S. & Canada Domestic Sales: Email for your area reps./agents:  

Recycling Programs, Contracts, Equipments are needed (Empty Trailers, Truck Tractors, Invite us to Liquidation/Auctions of Plant Operational equipments; Forklifts, Balers, Conveyors equipment & etc. ): E-mail Invitation to ask for recycling dept. engineering dept. chief Dr. P. Kaplan & Dr. P. Chan.


All Exports Sales are going through our Exports Division:


Exports Division Dept. Manager: Mr. Roger Hill:


Tel.: 1-914-712-8832, Ext. 300,

Base Office: Stamford, CT 06902, USA & White Plains, New York.


Professor/Dr. P. Kaplan, Sr. VP, Recycling Program Senior Director

U.S. & Canada Domestic Processing Operations

Tel.: 1-248-660-0287, Ext. 210

Mid-West Facilities: Troy, Flint, Sterling Heights, Westland, MI, Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati OH. Chicago, IL.

Midwest Processing facility: 980-1000 Manufacturer, Westland, MI  48186, USA

Base Office:  Troy, Westland, Taylor, MI, USA


Professor/Dr. D. Chan, Sr. VP, Chief of Overseas & Fareast Operations, International Program Director,

& European/South and Central America Operations

Exports/Imports Division Chief


Tel.: 1-248-660-0287, Ext. 110

Office at: New York/Connecticut/Troy, MI/Louisville, KY/St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL plants & offices

Base Office: Two Stamford Landing, Stamford, CT 06902, USA & White Plains, New York,

& Science Park, New Haven, CT, USA.


Professor/Dr. William Adams, Sr. VP of Manufacturing, Plants & Operations


Tel.: 1-248-660-0287, Ext. 410

Mid-West Facilities: Troy, Sterling Heights, Westland, MI, Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati OH. Dalton, Savannah, GA, Memphis, TN

Base Office:  Troy, MI, Toledo & Cincinnati, OH, Dalton, GA, USA


Professor/Dr. P.Y. Chan, President/CEO, Alpha Polymer Corp. & Sr. VP Plants Design of AP Polymers

C-Industries & Polymers, Alpha-General Recycling Corp.


Tel.: 1-248-660-0287, Ext. 151

Mid-West Facilities: Troy, Sterling Heights, Westland, MI, Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati OH. Dalton, Savannah, GA, Memphis, TN, Charleston, SC.

Base Office:  Sterling Height, MI, St. Louis, MO, Kansas City, KS, USA


Professor/Dr. Jeff Adams, Sr. VP of Plants, Manufacturing Engineering & Operations

Tel.: 1-248-660-0287, Ext. 480

Mid-West Facilities: Troy, Taylor, Sterling Heights, Westland, MI, Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati OH. Dalton, Savannah, GA, Memphis, TN

Base Office:  Dalton, Savannah, GA, USA


Professor/Dr. Peter Kaplan Jr. Sr. VP of Alpha Polymer Corp. Engineering/Laboratory

U.S. & Canada Domestic Processing Operations


Tel.: 1-248-660-0287, Ext. 298

Mid-West Facilities: Sterling Heights, Westland, MI, Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati OH.

Base Office:  Science Park, New Haven, Stamford, CT, White Plains, NY, USA


Mark Thompson, Laboratory Director, Engineering

Base Office: Science Park, New Haven, CT; White Plains, N.Y. USA


Tel.: 1-248-660-0287, Ext. 420


Domestics Regional Sales Persons/agents: ( Danny Cooper, Peter Kane, Judy Cooper, Bill Johnson, Helen Gibbs, Lisa Stein, John Chang & Mark Thompson-Engineering/Lab. )

Engineered Polymers Exports/Imports. European Operations, Coordination/Specialist; Danny Chen, Jack Hollander, Judy Stein.

Domestic Sales Dept. E-mail: for Your Area Reps./Agents.


Exports Sales Dept. E-mail:,   for Your Country Reps.

Exports Manger/Staffs:  ( Roger Hill-Exports Manager; Dr. D. Chan-Div. Chief; 

Global Exports Representatives/agents:  Peter King Judy Cooper, Sam Agarwal, Joe Kim, Yanah Kurtuldu, Tannis Nikote, Jeff Anderson, Colleena Steinberg, Alan Koo, Jason Montoyashi, David Tran, Joyce Montana, Thomas Reilly, Adam Boyce.)

Purchasing & Business Development/Relations: ( Daniel Cohen, Peter King, Sarah Li, Mary Hershenson,)

for Recycling & Partnership


All Communication to us please indicate your company's full name, address, telephone and Managing Director's name.


Trade shows, conferences, programs for recycling, plant-processing, Professional Engineering Plant Processing etc.

We are professional in our field

Education is our business and future, Plastics Recycling programs are our main stream.



Offices, Facilities & Warehouses:  New Haven, CT; Stamford, CT, 06902; Livonia 48152,,

 Westland, Troy, MI, U.S.A., Toronto, Montreal Canada, Honduras, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands.

Midwest Offices, Plants & Facilities Addresses: Livonia, MI, 48152, Garden City, MI, 48136; -Westland, MI, 48185, Troy; Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, OH; St. Paul WI; Chicago, IL; St. Louis MO; Louisville, KY; Dalton, Savannah, GA; Memphis, TN; Charleston, SC, U.S.A.